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How to Care for and Maintain Your Custom Shoes

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No shoes feel as good as custom shoes, but they are a huge investment, so many customers worry that their shoes won't last long enough to be worth the money. Luxury shoes allow you to invest in high-quality shoes that can last for many years; however, when you order custom shoes, there are certain maintenance steps you'll want to take to keep your shoes looking as good as new and to prolong the life of your shoes. Fear not. There are many steps you can take to keep your shoes looking good.

Why is Shoe Maintenance Important?

Think of all the wear and tear that shoes deal with from even moderate use. When you're on your feet, walking on different types of terrain, and going through normal human activities, your shoes are bound to get worn. Quality shoes can improve as you break them in because they form to your feet and feel even better with time. Even so, certain types of strain and damage can take your shoes from being perfectly broken in and having a lovely patina to looking shabby!

Clean Often

Cleaning your shoes often is one of the best ways to keep them in the best condition. Of course, you should clean your shoes whenever you get a lot of dirt on them, but you should also attempt to clean them every few weeks if you wear them regularly. Even if the dirt isn't that noticeable, it can do damage if you don't clean your shoes often. You can clean your shoes using a damp, soft cloth. You won't want to get your shoes too wet. You can use cleaners on your shoes, but you won't want to use anything too harsh.

Polish to Perfection

Custom shoes benefit greatly from polishing, one of the simplest ways to keep your shoes looking like a dream. Polishing isn't too hard, but when you polish your shoes, you'll want to take certain precautions to ensure the polish is safe for your shoes and has effective results.

You'll want to make sure you have the proper supplies, like a horsehair shoe brush, leather conditioner, and wax polish or shoe cream. Before you use the polish, it's good to brush your shoes to get rid of any dirt or dust. You should use conditioner or leather cleaner to prepare your shoes for polish. A little conditioner goes a long way. Once the shoe is conditioned, it's time to polish it. Use about a coin size of the polish and start rubbing the polish into the upper of your shoes. You'll want to let your shoes sit awhile, and the more you let your shoes sit, the deeper the polish can nourish the leather. The final step of the process is buffing the shoes with either a horsehair brush or dry cloth.

New Soles and Laces

Soles and laces are two areas of your shoes that get a lot of wear. Thus, these areas may have more damage than the rest of the shoe. The good news is that shoes and laces can be replaced after they wear out.

Laces are one of the easiest ways to transform your shoes because new laces can add new life to your shoes without costing too much time or energy. Even if your laces aren't worn, it can be fun to put in new laces to reflect your personality and give you the option to change the style of your shoes slightly.

Because you are walking on your soles, worn soles can be a death sentence for your shoes, but it doesn't have to be, and getting a new sole is an option that's environmentally sustainable and allows you to keep the shoes you love the most. Getting shoes resoled is more expensive and time-consuming, but it helps prolong your shoes' life.

Store Shoes Carefully

Storing shoes is an often-underestimated method of caring for your custom shoes. Storage helps protect your shoes from damage while also helping them maintain their shape. You can use several storage solutions to ensure your shoes are cared for.

Shoe trees are one of the best tools to preserve the shape and quality of your custom shoes. Any shoe tree can work well, but a cedar shoe tree is an excellent option because cedar absorbs moisture. Excess moisture from your feet can damage the shoes, especially when it takes a while for moisture to dry. Thus, a cedar shoe tree is the perfect way to control the moisture of your shoes.

It's also good to store shoes in shoeboxes because the original shoe box controls moisture and protects the shoes from the elements. You may not want to have all those shoeboxes hanging around, and if that's the case, you can also buy shoe storage boxes that look a little more stylish while still protecting your shoes.

Be Choosy About How You Wear Your Shoes

You should always be mindful of where you are wearing your shoes. Certain weather conditions and rough terrains will cause more wear on your shoes. Of course, you can wear your shoes anywhere you want, but it helps to be mindful of how much strain certain activities may put on your shoes. Not all shoes are designed for all uses, and a casual shoe versus a formal shoe will have different roles in your life and wardrobe.

Quality Shoes for You

At Palmer James Designs, we customize shoes to meet all our clients' needs. So often, getting the perfect shoe can be an impossible mission. Shoes not only make you look good, but they make you feel good. Getting shoes matching your lifestyle, tastes, and body shouldn't be daunting. We offer you a chance to get shoes made especially for you. With attention to detail and the use of the finest materials, our team helps you get the best shoes starting with design and ending with the final product. Reach out today, and we will gladly help you get the shoes of your dreams. Get in touch!  


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