Palmer James offers an extensive selection of over 300 premium materials, carefully curated to enhance your individual style. From luxurious suedes and exquisite sartorial fabrics to hand-painted leathers, each component is meticulously chosen to elevate your custom creation. Our partnerships with top-tier suppliers ensure that your bespoke piece is not just unique but a testament to the finest craftsmanship and exclusivity.


Leather stands as the cornerstone of every shoe, a testament to masterful craftsmanship. In the realm of quality footwear, a simple rule prevails: the more meticulous the leather processing, the higher the quality—naturally, this craftsmanship comes at a cost. Approximately 47 percent of the production expenses in crafting each shoe are attributed to this precious raw material.

Our calf tanneries hail from the picturesque regions of northwest Spain, Germany, and Italy. The range of leather types we offer encompasses a rich tapestry of skins, all woven into the fabric of luxury shoe production. Beyond their exquisite quality, each leather variant offers a distinct visual and textural experience, elevating the artistry of your footwear.


Palmer James Designs takes pride in offering a stylish and sustainable option for footwear enthusiasts with our Vegan Leather Casual Shoes. Our commitment to ethical fashion and environmental responsibility is at your finger tips.

Our Vegan Leather Casual Shoes are more than just a fashion statement – they represent a conscious choice for a more sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. Join us in making a positive impact on the planet without compromising on style. Step into a world of fashion that cares for both you and the environment with Palmer James Designs.

DOCTOR BAG - Full Custom - Palmer James Designs


Explore our extensive selection of sartorial materials, which encompasses a rich assortment of fabrics, including flannels and velvets. Within our collection, you'll discover a world of sartorial patterns, featuring timeless favorites like tweed, plaid, tartan, herringbone, and even the bold elegance of leopard print. The fusion of these exceptional sartorial materials with our classic hand-painted leather culminates in footwear that transcends the ordinary, delivering a truly astonishing blend of style and craftsmanship.

Hand crafted

Masterfully crafted by the finest shoemakers in Europe


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