"As someone who believes that style is a personal journey, I've always been drawn to the idea of helping individuals express their unique personalities through the things they wear. Inspiration is everywhere, so why not let it shape our fashion choices?"

- Thomas Hellberg, Founder of Palmer James Designs

A Life of Style

Rooted in the Values of Hard Work

Palmer James Founder, Thomas Hellberg, was raised amidst the inspiring dedication of his mother, a nurse, and his father, a construction worker. Witnessing their unwavering commitment and late-night sacrifices left an indelible mark on him. As he embarked on his own professional journey, he dedicated his initial two decades to the same industry, striving for excellence in every endeavor. However, a desire to pursue his passion compelled him to forge a new path.

"I could never find the elusive 'perfect' shoe. The struggle was real - the right size, the ideal color, the accessories that perfectly complemented my style. This frustration served as the catalyst for the inception of Palmer James, a haven where clients can find all their fashion needs under one roof. To me, the art of dressing well extends far beyond mere clothing; it's a testament to my upbringing and an unwavering belief in the profound impact of a first impression."

A life of style.

- Thomas Hellberg, Founder

Infinite Possibilities

Palmer James embodies a narrative of unwavering dedication, deep-rooted familial bonds, and an unwavering commitment to pursuing excellence in all endeavors, or not pursuing them at all. It is about demonstrating to a young son that life is filled with boundless possibilities and that it is never too late to shape one's identity and forge a purposeful existence. Our story encapsulates the essence of truly living, not merely existing. That's why we proudly declare ourselves to be tailored for those who dare to embrace life's infinite possibilities. Existing requires minimal effort, but fully living demands unparalleled dedication. It necessitates making conscious decisions, understanding one's authentic self, and forging a life that aligns closely with personal aspirations. Moreover, when young and impressionable eyes observe every move, these choices take on a heightened significance.

A Fresh Perspective

"Having dedicated over three decades to an industry that has been the backbone for my family for generations, I decided to follow my passion. The year 2020 turned our everyday lives upside down. We found ourselves confined indoors, embracing a lifestyle that revolved around couches, slippers, worn-out socks, and even the infamous 'pant-less suit.' However, amidst this surreal experience, I have gained a newfound appreciation for the joy of venturing out into the city with style. There is an undeniable sense of satisfaction that comes from receiving a simple compliment or a warm smile from a stranger when you look your best."

- Thomas Hellberg, Founder

Hand crafted

Masterfully crafted by the finest shoemakers in Europe


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