"Recognizing not all styles fit every individual, the idea of being able to offer people a way to express their unique personalities through shoes and accessories was very appealing to me. Inspiration is all around us, so why can't we wear what inspires us?"

- Thomas Hellberg, Founder

A life of style

Good, old-fashioned hard work

Palmer James Founder, Thomas Hellberg, grew up watching his mother and father work hardThe son of a nurse and a construction worker, he saw what late nights and sacrifice looked like. His mother’s dedication to excellence in all she did and his father’s work ethic had a lasting impact on their son and he dedicated the first 20 years of his working life to the same industry. But it was now time for him to make a life of his own doing what he loved.

"I had never found the “perfect” shoe. Always struggling to find the right size, the right color or the matching accessories. I was inspired to create an avenue where clients could shop for all their needs in one place. For me, dressing well and showing up for myself was about way more than clothes. I believe it was a testament to my up-bringing and a belief in the power of a first impression."

A life of style.

-Thomas Hellberg, Founder

Infinite possibilities

Palmer James is a story of dedication, family and a commitment to things being done well or not done at all. Of proving to a young son that life has infinite possibilities, that it’s never too late to choose who you want to be and how you want to live. A story of fully living. Not simply existing. That’s why we say we’re made for those who dare to live. Existing is easy. Fully living takes dedication. It takes making good choices. It takes knowing who you are, what you want and creating a life as close to that as you can. And, when there’s little eyes watching what you’re doing, those choices somehow feel even more important.

A new appreciation

"After 30 plus years in an industry that supported me and my family for generations, I went for what I was passionate about. We all have had our everyday lives turned upside down since 2020. I believe after a couple years of life on the couch with slippers, worn out socks, no shoes and my favorite the pant-less suit, I am of the opinion that we have a new appreciation for going out for a night in the city and looking great. Whether it be a simple compliment or a small smile from a stranger, looking good feels good."

-Thomas Hellberg, Founder

Hand crafted

Masterfully crafted by the finest shoemakers in Europe


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